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When it comes to corporate uniforms, you can look like a million bucks, without spending a fortune.... Here's how:

In a market when you've got to keep costs down and your trying to squeeze every bit of value out of your dollar it's hard to outfit your team. If you go cheap, you'll look cheap, and it doesn't give off the image you're trying to make - you shout great quality and great service, but your shirt says cheap and nasty.

At EmbroidMe we've scoured the country to find the best in "high quality" corporate uniform garments, then we use the buying power of the Universal Brands group to make looking great affordable. We may not be the cheapest, but you won't look second rate either. All you'll find are great corporate uniforms that are true value for money. Plus, we have a high level of understanding - we understand that it's hard to get everyone in once place for fittings. We understand that not all colours look 'flattering' on everyone, no matter what your problem, we've dealt with it and have a solution.

You can peruse our range below, or call our account manager and she will help you find something that will make your brand stand out and make your team look professional.


 Ambassador  Ambassador Ladies 3/4  Belmont Mens/Ladies  Boston
Brooklyn Cambridge Mens/Ladies

Hampton Mens/Ladies

Macquarie Mens/Ladies
Monash Mens/Ladies New Yorker Short sleeve  New Yorker Long sleeve New Yorker 3/4 sleeve
Oasis Printed Shirt Oasis Oasis short and 3/4 sleeve Oasis Mens/Ladies contrast
Ladies silky topcap and 3/4  Princeton Mens/Ladies  Radford Mens/Ladies  Regents Mens/Ladies
Stanford Mens/Ladies Yale Mens/Ladies Mens flat front pant and Ladies pant
Ladies 3/4 pant and below knee lined skirt Permanent Press Pant Mens pleat front pant and Ladies pant  Dress Trousers

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And remember if you don't have a uniform and it is not branded you might as well be NAKED.


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