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EmbroidMe Community Fund

The EmbroidMe franchise group is excited to announce their new Community Fund to support Not for Profit groups across Australia. Looking to contribute to a sector that has been under increased financial pressure since the “GFC”, EmbroidMe believes that by offering a central fund and inviting applications from a wide range of community programmes, charities, clubs and schools, a number of projects in all states may be supported with branded apparel and promotional products.

Funded from profits, the 33 contributing Australian EmbroidMe stores believe in supporting and engaging with community projects, both local and national and will be offering goods and services valued in excess of $25,000. The EmbroidMe Community Fund aims to deliver a fair means of assessment and distribution to needy causes that could use a little extra help to raise awareness of their organisation and Get Noticed!

There will be varying levels of support available, from 100% of the cost to 50% dependent on need and funding availability.

EmbroidMe invites applications via www.embroidme.com.au/community_fund where a summary of requirements will be reviewed and the recipients advised after the 30th September.

  • 33 EmbroidMe Stores contributing to a central Community Fund
  • $25,000+ Fund will deliver apparel and promotional products to a range of needy not for profit groups across all of the states
  • Several levels of support from 50-100% of cost
  • NfP’s can apply for support via www.embroidme.com.au/community_fund

We are excited to be launching this new program, designed to show support for local and civic charitable organisations, not-for-profits and schools.  We are happy to be able to give back to the community and have this small role in making our community the best place to live and work.

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We seek to support and strengthen our local civic organisations, not-for-profits and schools with donations of apparel, custom embroidery and garment printing as well as self-promotional and fund-raising items at partial or no cost.


  • Local Not-for-Profit Organisations
  • Local Non-Government Civic Organisations
  • State Public Schools/P&C Organisations
  • Local Charitable Affiliates


  • Value of Project – does the return to the community match the value of the request?
  • Vision and Mission – does the organisations Mission match our values and goals?
  • Production – can most of the production of the request be completed by our in-house team?
  • Size of Request – is the size of the request such that we can spread our grants among several worthy organisations, maximising the impact?
  • Offers of Trade or Advertising – if there are sponsorships or advertising opportunities available to us in exchange, we will consider them.


Grants must be applied for annually and are valid for the award year.  Any unused Grant Funds are non-transferable to the following award year.

With this program we hope to assist local organisations doing beneficial things for the community to help them to achieve their mission and goals.  We are excited to help so many people within our community.

Here is a quick guide to the “types” of branded apparel we can provide through the EmbroidMe Community Fund program:


A range of shirts, hats, caps or bags for promotional use or for staff or local organisations.  Business shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, singlets or even hi-visibility (for events) are available.

Custom Embroidery

We can provide custom embroidery even if you already have your own garments.

Garment Printing

Photographic quality printing directly onto T-Shirts.  These shirts could be used for sale to help raise funds for your organisation.

Self-Promotional and Fund-Raising Items

Items to help organisations spread the word of their mission, such as pens, stubby holders, lollies etc.

Please consider your level of need prior to applying.  We have limited funding and hope we can provide help to those of the greatest need and the most powerful impact.  It is our intent that organisations who already have funding for their branding need NOT apply for assistance.

Grant Levels:

Silver: Applicant will receive 50% off the requested purchases up to award amount.

Gold: Applicant will receive 75% off the requested purchases up to award amount.

Platinum: Applicant will receive 100% off the requested purchases up to award amount.

Click here or contact us at the store to find out more about this program.


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